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LOOPS N KNOTS - Enhance your crafting endeavors with the MDF Cutouts Bunting/Toran - Curved Painting MDF Wooden Sheet Craft set, featuring 6pcs of versatile MDF plains designed for decoupage, resin art work, and decoration. Crafted with precision, these curved painting MDF sheets offer a unique canvas for your artistic expressions. Whether you're into decoupage, resin art, or general decoration, these MDF cutouts provide a solid foundation for your creativity. The smooth surface of the MDF plains allows for easy application of paints, decoupage materials, and resin, ensuring that your artistic visions come to life with precision and clarity. The set of 6 pieces ensures you have ample supplies for multiple projects, making it a convenient choice for both DIY enthusiasts and professional artists. Elevate your crafting experience with these MDF cutouts, blending functionality with the potential for intricate and personalized designs. Unleash your creativity and transform these MDF sheets into unique pieces of art that stand out in decoupage projects, resin art, or decorative displays

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