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LOOPS N KNOTS A to Z MDF Wooden Shape Cutouts 26 Alphabets /..More




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Loops and Knots A to Z MDF Wooden Shape Cutouts" offer a delightful and versatile crafting experience with a set of 26 letters, each sized at 2 inches and featuring a thickness of 2 mm. These precision-cut MDF wooden shapes provide a sturdy and smooth surface, ideal for a variety of artistic projects. The intricate "Loops and Knots" design incorporated into each letter adds a touch of creativity and uniqueness to the cutouts. Whether used individually or collectively to spell out words or messages, these MDF wooden shape cutouts offer endless possibilities for personalized crafts, decor, and DIY projects. The compact size and consistent thickness make them suitable for various applications, allowing crafters to explore their creativity and bring a touch of artistic flair to their creations.

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